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The Lock-up

The Lock-Up was opened in 2002 by Don Broaddus, a law enforcement officer, and was strictly for law enforcement personnel when it first opened. After only about a year, Broaddus opened it up for membership to the general public as well.

John Mollet took over as the new owner of The Lock-Up Gym in 2016. Since taking over The Lock-Up, Mollet has expanded numerous times and has built a world-class workout facility with national recognition within the fitness industry.

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The facility went from 500 sq ft to now offering over 22,000 square feet of fitness paradise. Today the gym has members that include world record-holding weight lifters and professional bodybuilders.

John Mollet is personal friends with the likes of C.T. Fletcher (media personality, actor, personal trainer, former powerlifter, bodybuilder, three-time World Bench Press Champion, and three-time World Strict Curl Champion), and Arnold Schwarzenegger (no further explanation needed!).

The Lock-Up Gym was even featured on the popular television show, My 600-lb Life, with a semi-local contestant being filmed working out at The Lock-Up.

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